In April of 2015 I began an expedition into spiritual and personal growth that has taken me to more incredible places than I could have ever possibly imagined. I have been a spiritual person all my life but I finally found myself truly engaging and putting my lessons and views into daily practice.

It has allowed me to release my negativities, fears and self doubts. I learned about loving others and myself unconditionally and how to stay true to who I am, always. Through this process I discovered my true purpose: Be a beacon of light, love and guidance and share this with the world through the written word; books on spiritual growth for those who desire to connect within and break cycles as well as guides for anyone seeking enlightened relationships and new and balanced ways to raise children in environments free from ballast and negativity. Developing all these ideas and cultivating insights through intuition and personal experiences takes time, years in fact. So, what do I do in the meantime?

I met an amazing person named Suzanna on a walk one morning. We talked about life, love and loss. We exchanged ideas and I told her about my writing. The subject of a website and blog came up and I thought it was the perfect idea; sharing experiences and creating community. Divinely inspired. Until my literature is ready I can share my light, love, insights and positivity with the world one paragraph at a time.

Welcome to Life Unified! Where Family, Faith, Community and Heart are shared as one. So take off your shoes, kick up your feet and engage the flow.

This website is dedicated to the synthesis of ideas on life, love, spirituality and personal growth. Through this concept we as a collective create a better understanding of the universe we live in. All beliefs are welcome!

We are individuals and we are ONE. Together we are Life, Unified.