The 5 Ravens Guided Meditation For Release and Transmutation

Friday, 23 October 2015 17:13

The Divine Spark – Personal Energy Build

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The most important thing to remember is meditation is simply taking time to connect with yourself and the divine. There is no wrong way to meditate. One mistake a lot of people make, especially when being guided by someone else, is assuming that in order to succeed in the meditation they need to have visualized the exact same things. Let your mind take you wherever it takes you. This is YOUR time. By taking time out of your day to try, you have already succeeded. I am sharing my experiences and images to show you where my mind takes me. Use them as a reference point but make it your own!

I thought I’d start you off with one of the first meditations I created for myself. I call it the The Divine Spark – Personal Energy Build. Enjoy!


Find a quite place to relax, wherever you feel most comfortable and at ease with yourself. Free from distractions, especially pets. Sitting in a recliner worked best for me. I also found listening to relaxing music with headphones helped. I liked either rainforest sounds or ocean waves, also with rain. If you decide to use music I would suggest keeping the volume very low because as you start to drift off your hearing increases and music seems to get louder, which can be distracting. I had a time where I was almost in the zone then thunder stuck too loud and brought back to the room.

Before each meditation I pray, call out to my angels and ask them to join me. Call on Archangel Michael and Raphael if you are also in need of healing. I state my intentions: Through this meditation and visualizations I intend to connect to the divine within and build up an overflowing abundance of positive and balanced energy. In doing so I also intended to clear and balance my Chakras, cleansing my light body of all negative energies. I intend to heal my mind, body and spirit. You may use similar intentions or develop your own based on your needs.

I follow my intentions with affirmations. I do this by going back through each intention as if it has already occurred. For example: “I affirm that I have connected to the divine within and I have built up an overflowing abundance of positive and balanced energy.” “I have been healed, mind, body and spirit”

Jesus said it best - “Pray for things as if you already have them and they will surely be yours.”

Now that you are comfy and finished with your pre-game it is time to begin. Close your eyes and at your own pace start with some long and slow breaths in and out, inflating the belly rather than the chest. Do this for a few minutes or for however long you like. As you move on through the meditation continue the same breathing practice.

I have found that going within starts on the outside with the body. First feel the sensations of the body starting at the feet. I like to keep a fan on because the wind helps me to feel subtle sensations across the body. Focus on your toes, the breeze between them, and the sensation it makes. Is it warm or cool? Wriggle your toes to release any tension. In your minds eye feel the bottoms and tops of your feet. Role your ankles to release any tensions. Move up your legs in this same fashion. Target specific locations, mentally focus there and feel the sensations; then lightly flex the corresponding muscles to release any tensions. Work all the way up through your stomach, back and chest then around your shoulders and down your arms to your hands and fingertips; one section at a time. Then work through the neck and face. All the while continuing the deep, slow breathing in and out.

(For those who are just beginning or have difficulties with targeting sensations on the body you can do just the deep breathing exercises if you like. You can also try something that takes a little less focus and with eyes closed visualize a wave of “relaxation” roll over your entire body at once. Imagine what it feels like laying on the beach with water rolling over you and how relaxing that is. With enough practice one can sit down and immediate go into full relaxation mode without any visualizations. Just a few deep breathes.)

Once completely relaxed you can now focus on your thoughts and feelings. Let your thoughts come and go; this is a safe place without worries or concerns. Acknowledge any thoughts and feelings you have. Nothing is off limits. When ready you can go deeper within. Time is irrelevant. Move on only when you feel ready.

First, visualize your full body in front of you looking on from an observer perspective. I chose a cosmic environment.

Focus in on the area of the heart and zoom in your perspective. Your chest and your heart are now front and center in your minds eye. See your heart, your life force, pumping away. Feel your heart beating. Spend a few moments here. When you are ready we will go in a little deeper.

We will now take our perspective inside even further, zooming into the center of the heart. In the center of the heart imagine a crystalline sphere of shimmering white light. Inside this sphere is a cube, the same structure and size, turned up on its corner axis so it looks like a diamond. This represents the balance of both the divine feminine and masculine within, which incases our divine spark.

Focus on the center of this beautiful energy and visualize a tiny ball of pure white light, bright and infinite like a singularity. This is your genesis.

We take ourselves deeper within, going inside the sphere and cube to the center until all you see is the singularity, your divine spark. Through your thoughts, WILL your spark to spin like a vortex.

Watch as your spark quickly picks up speed and the energy within begins to pulse and spread outwards.

See this energy expanding outwards reaching the walls of the cube. Now the cube begins to spin, pulse and serge white light energy, the sphere follows suit. Together now the spark, cube and sphere spin, pulse and surge energy in unison with one another and with the beat of your heart.

Watch as this beautiful balanced energy expands outwards with each beat, enveloping your entire heart.

Traveling back outwards now. Focus on the full body again from the outside observer perspective. But this time we visualize seeing through the outside layers and zeroing in on the biological structure of your body. Seeing the whole body but focusing on the heart in the center. Your heart radiates and pulses with white light, watch it beat. See this light growing stronger and brighter with each beat.

As you breathe in and out slowly and deeply, visualize your heart as it begins to distribute this white light through your veins and out into the rest of your body like lifeblood of the purest kind. With every beat this light branches out further and further, equally in all directions from your heart center. Visualize it slowly spreading until every part of your body is enveloped in white light.

Continue to see your heart pulse with bright white light as the energy now escapes from the confines of the body. Imagine this energy escaping from ever pore of your body, outward in all directions.

Imagine this energy surrounding the body then arching back in towards the heart creating an infinite loop of divine white light energy like a magnetic field. Your heart pulses, sending energy through the body, escaping outward and surrounding the body, then circling back to the center of your heart. This loop is infinite and abundant.

Visualize sending a column of white light from your heart center up through the top of your head and out through the base of your spine. Cleansing and balancing all your Chakras and connecting both with God above and divine Mother below.

Sometimes I visualize the top of this column stretching up to the center of the Sun and down into the core of the Earth.

Continue to visualize this perpetual energy loop and divine connection for as long as you like. With enough practice you will actually feel your entire body surge with positive energy afterwards. When you are ready to finish bring the column of light back down from both ends to your heart center. Thank your angels for their support. Now open your eyes and see with new clarity.


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