Thursday, 12 May 2016 02:25


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The Universal Law of Attraction is a fairly simple concept. What you send out into the Universe creates the world that surrounds you. If you think and act positively, positive experiences will ripple through your life. Be kind and you will see kindness. LOVE outwardly without condition and you will attract others into your life that LOVE with this same conviction. Although the Law may be simple to understand taking conscious action and making the effort to express these ideals outwardly can be challenging. How does one find ways to be positive, kind, loving and act on it? I’d like to share one idea with you..

Monday, 15 February 2016 02:07


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Releasing expectations. A perfect topic as many celebrate Valentine’s day. On our journey of personal and spiritual growth it is essential to release expectations in two important areas. First are our expectations of others. Second is our need either consciously or subconsciously to meet other’s expectations. In today’s culture expectations have become too deeply rooted in our feelings of self worth and esteem. That looking outwardly rather than inwardly fulfills these needs. This perpetuates cycles of negativity passed down through the generations..

Friday, 22 January 2016 21:12

NOTE TO SELF: A 2-part guide to deeper SELF-LOVE

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The greatest LOVE affair someone can ever have is with his or her SELF. Complete faith and trust in the divine and the unconditional love and acceptance of YOU and who YOU are. By the Universal Law of Attraction positivity, prosperity and the fulfillment of our heart’s desires can only manifest through LOVE. The blessings that are allowed to enter our lives increase the more we LOVE and we can only LOVE outwardly as much as we LOVE inwardly. Thinking that it is possible to love others more than we love ourselves is false. The idea that it’s OK to do good things for others regardless of our own well-being is an ego trap. The reality is we are actually telling ourselves that we are not worth being LOVED with the same passion as the rest of the world creating a barrier to prosperity..

Friday, 01 January 2016 22:09


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We have come through another year and today is the day when many of us embark on a new path; enacting a series of pre thought-out changes equated to living a more positive life. The very nature of our existence is examined. Bullet points of shortcomings are made like a grocery list and we commit to betterment in those areas. While the intent behind a new year’s resolution is positive they tend to be short lived. In most cases creating limitations and almost never addressing change in the areas responsible for the quality of our lives: the Heart and the Soul. This year I want you ALL to completely throw out the very idea of resolutions and have a New Year’s Revolution..

Tuesday, 01 December 2015 21:19


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LOVE. KINDNESS. This is an essential way of life for the spiritually inclined. As the journey of spiritual and personal growth moves forward these two important principles are incorporated into all aspects of our lives. Family, friends, co-workers and strangers all become part of the whole of life on this Earth; we approach every person and situation from the heart with LOVE and KINDNESS. However, an often overlooked and integral element of this new perspective is treating our SELF with LOVE and KINDNESS in the same fashion..

Wednesday, 21 October 2015 19:41


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We have all had days where we planned diligently for a desired outcome and things do not go as we hoped or expected. Goals were set. We visualized the conception and follow-through to completion; meticulously planning every step. Then something strange happens. It all seems to fall apart. And, with all that preparation there was no earthly reason for this to occur. But that’s just it; seems to fall apart for no earthy reason is a perfect way to put it. As we become more spiritual beings our perspective transforms and we begin living as part of a divine, universal vision. Each moment is actualized with an awareness of the bigger picture. Our Creator made the blueprints our job is to execute the divine plan..

Friday, 09 October 2015 18:16


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Living a spiritually driven life is an ongoing course of development and personal growth. Walking the path of progress requires learning better, more positive ways of being. Ways that allow us to LOVE the self and others unconditionally. Ways that open us up to purpose and fulfillment. To accomplish this feat we must release everything that no longer serves us in a positive way. A spiritual emancipation liberating us from fears, worries, concerns, anxieties, self-doubts, stresses, and negativities. Many will be found just under the surface and discarded with ease. But, as we go within, releasing that which has rooted itself deep in our subconscious (abuses, abandonment etc.) the process becomes more difficult and requires patience, courage and determination. A good friend gave me the perfect metaphor for this experience, which I now refer to as: Wringing Out The Towel..

Monday, 14 September 2015 19:00


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Today’s society has become lost in the idea that our personal self worth is gauged by how other people view us. We’ve grown accustomed to this belief that the more people like us and agree with our ideas, the more worth we have. Alternatively many think that anyone who dislikes us, treats us poorly, or disagrees with us diminishes our worth. This falsehood has perpetuated cycles of negativity and abuse for hundreds of years.

Awareness is one of the most important things for us to understand as individuals and the collective become more spiritual beings. I once heard this great metaphor: Each person is defined by the fight that rages between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and the only way to win is to deny it battle. Bringing about full awareness of yourself, your truths, your struggles and your feelings helps accomplishes this task..

Thursday, 10 September 2015 04:33


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Spiritual evolution involves a process of sequential discovery. In the beginning we learn about God’s vision for the world. Then we find a vision for ourselves in alignment with our Creator’s worldview, our divine path. To continue our evolutionary process we must start walking this path. As we branch out further into our new ways of being we begin to expand our awareness and vision to incorporate our families and communities. We start sharing our amazing experiences and insights with the people around us and find ways to use our gifts and talents to help others. Through this expansion we get a sense of how genuinely connected we all are on this journey.

As I discussed briefly in the article Be A Hero, we are all sent out into the world to be in the right places at the right times and presented with opportunities to take action. When we align ourselves with the universe and our Creator’s vision for the world our paths take us to these divine moments more frequently. We don't just see his vision we become his vision; his helping hands through a chain of events I have termed Providence In Motion..

Monday, 07 September 2015 19:59


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A challenge many face with the concept of surrendering is the assumption that their surrender means they will be left exposed and vulnerable. Vulnerable means susceptible to attack or defenseless and God NEVER leaves us defenseless. And, rather than being exposed, surrendering creates an opening within for our Creator to go to work.

When I began my spiritual adventure in April of this year I had a lot of questions but I went into the journey with an open heart and waited for the answers to come. I learned that God has a plan for us, ALL of us. Surrendering is a divine action. What surrendering truly means is to give up on the idea that WE know what the best plan is for our lives. We only see a small picture, a fragment of our own personal world. Our creator and the angels see the whole picture, the whole world and all its inhabitants. The whole plan..

Wednesday, 02 September 2015 17:47


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Hero – Noun: an illustrious warrior, one who shows great courage, often of divine descent endowed with superhuman qualities, great strength or ability.

We have all needed a hero at one time or another, someone who was at the right place at the right time and stepped in to save our day. It was the stranger that stopped in the pouring rain to give your car a jump-start when the battery died. It is the random act of kindness received at the worst point of your day and the single mother who works 2 jobs yet never misses a single soccer game. It’s an uncle who dresses up as a Ninja Turtle for his nephew’s 2nd birthday. And, sometimes, it is simply sharing your smile with the barista at Starbucks. My definition of a hero is straightforward; it is anyone who makes another person’s day a little brighter. This past weekend I got to be a hero in the truest sense of the word..

Thursday, 27 August 2015 16:25


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Being positive, loving and setting a great example for others is of critical importance when living a spiritually driven and purposeful life. And, remaining devoted to this practice is vital especially around children. As children grow they learn almost entirely from their experiences with other people. Parents, family and friends all contribute to the myriad ways children develop; whether they realize it or not. They are taught about socially acceptable behavior, what to expect from other people and what is expected of them, areas and places to assign value. They mimic, imitate and emulate based on their experiences both positive and negative. Kids are more attentive than many people realize. Being the best possible person you can be at all times is important because they see and hear everything; even when you think they are “off” playing princess trapped in the castle tower or up 10,000 ft flying an imaginary fighter jet. On Tuesday I had an opportunity to put these very ideas and positive intentions into practice..

Thursday, 20 August 2015 23:32


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One of the first lessons learned on the journey of spiritual evolution and enlightenment is balance. We are first placed in situations that provide timely messages, guidance and teach us how to balance our mind, body, and spirit. The second step is merging these separate parts into one and centering one’s self in the heart. When we evolve personally and spiritually in this way, keeping our mind, body and spirit centered in the heart, we can finally release all fear and negativity. Any thoughts, feelings or ideas that are negative in nature are immediately discarded and replaced with something positive. With enough dedication and practice this process becomes a subroutine within our consciousness and the act of bringing negativity into awareness then discarding it is no longer required. Unconditional self-love takes center stage because the deep connection to our divine Source within becomes too strong. Once this final step occurs within the self we can truly love others because we accept them for who they are, unconditionally. A few days ago I witnessed something amazing that drove this point home..

Saturday, 15 August 2015 16:58


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I recently began an expedition into spiritual and personal growth that has taken me to more incredible places than I could have ever possibly imagined. It has alllowed me to release my negativities, fears and self doubts. I learned about loving others and myself unconditionally and how to stay true to who I am, always. Through this process I discovered my true purpose: Be a beacon of light, love and guidance and share this with the world through the written word; books on spiritual growth for those who desire to connect within and break cycles as well as guides for anyone seeking enlightened relationships and new and balanced ways to raise children in environments free from ballast and negativity. Developing all these ideas and cultivating insights through intuition and personal experiences takes time, years in fact. So, what do I do in the meantime? A “chance” encounter with a stranger in a park by my home would provide me with the answer..