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I recently began an expedition into spiritual and personal growth that has taken me to more incredible places than I could have ever possibly imagined. It has alllowed me to release my negativities, fears and self doubts. I learned about loving others and myself unconditionally and how to stay true to who I am, always. Through this process I discovered my true purpose: Be a beacon of light, love and guidance and share this with the world through the written word; books on spiritual growth for those who desire to connect within and break cycles as well as guides for anyone seeking enlightened relationships and new and balanced ways to raise children in environments free from ballast and negativity. Developing all these ideas and cultivating insights through intuition and personal experiences takes time, years in fact. So, what do I do in the meantime? A “chance” encounter with a stranger in a park by my home would provide me with the answer..

A big part of my spiritual journey has been learning to engage the flow of the day. Follow the patterns. Follow my intuition. Trust the messages. I begin everyday with a walk around the neighborhood. It allows me to awaken, bring lessons back into awareness and build much needed energy. As I set out each morning, I hike towards the first place that jumps into my head. On July 28th 2015 I decided to head over to a small park nearby for a morning meditation. This park has great artwork, balanced stones and a sculpture about 5 feet tall that looks like the legs and feet of Hercules. I thought this would be a symbolic spot to meditate and engage the day.

When I sat down I noticed a memorial plaque on the backside of the bench in front of me. It was a poem in memory of a young man who passed away in the park at the age of 17. I decided to take a photo of this beautiful plaque and poem so I could share its message with others. It was covered in cobwebs and dust; I got down on one knee and cleaned it off with my hands. Just as I finished I heard a woman’s voice say, “Did you know him?” I informed her that I did not but I had seen this beautiful memorial and felt a need to clean it.

Her name was Suzanna. We had a great conversation about God, spirituality and about “coincidentally” meeting amazing people with common interests and ideas at just the right moment. She and I shared a few stories about loss, the loss of friends and the loss of family. As it turns out she knew the young man who passed away and is the mother of one of his friends - What are the odds that at 8am on a Tuesday morning I would meet someone intimately connected with this memorial while cleaning it? 100% when you learn to connect within and truly engage in the flow of your life

After this discovery I told her I was currently writing about these types of encounters and many of the topics we discussed. Ways to help others who want to connect to the divine spark within and begin their own personal journeys. She asked if I had a book or an online blog because she’d love to read about it. I explained that most of my writing was in the outline and summary phases but that a blog was a great idea.

Through this celestial encounter with Suzanna I received a message from my angels about the next step. Expand the circle of community and share my experiences through an online blog and website. I still have much work to do until I can write books and guides but I can begin sharing my positivity, insights and experiences with others; one paragraph at a time. Welcome to!

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