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One of the first lessons learned on the journey of spiritual evolution and enlightenment is balance. We are first placed in situations that provide timely messages, guidance and teach us how to balance our mind, body, and spirit. The second step is merging these separate parts into one and centering one’s self in the heart. When we evolve personally and spiritually in this way, keeping our mind, body and spirit centered in the heart, we can finally release all fear and negativity. Any thoughts, feelings or ideas that are negative in nature are immediately discarded and replaced with something positive. With enough dedication and practice this process becomes a subroutine within our consciousness and the act of bringing negativity into awareness then discarding it is no longer required. Unconditional self-love takes center stage because the deep connection to our divine Source within becomes too strong. Once this final step occurs within the self we can truly love others because we accept them for who they are, unconditionally. A few days ago I witnessed something amazing that drove this point home..

A mother and her boys:

The other morning I went for my regular walk, made my way around the local school towards the main area where groups of kids all gather before class. As I turned the corner I saw something that truly warmed my heart. I found a mother and her two sons. Their ages were about 8 and 4 years old. On the busiest corner of the whole school, in front of hundreds of kids this 8-year-old boy hugged his mother and kissed her on the cheek. Then he bent down and gave his little brother a big hug and kissed him on the cheek. It was clear that because of the age difference his little brother had to attend class on the other side of the school and I found it both moving and special he made sure his brother knew he loved and supported him.

In a time when too many children live in cages lined with bars made from self-consciousness and the need to feel accepted by their peers, this was such an amazing experience to witness. This family loved each other unconditionally. This young man hugged and kissed his mother and brother, showing care and love for the whole world to see, without any worry of what others may have thought. That is powerful!

This is an amazing lesson I have personally experienced on my spiritual journey: How to love myself unconditionally. I found myself. Who I am, what my divine gifts are, how I can share those gifts with the world. Then came acknowledgment and acceptance; I was created this way for a purpose. In doing so I revealed one of the most important universal truths; that I am the absolute ruler over my self worth. Self worth comes from the divine within and ONLY from within. This revelation through introspection liberated me completely. I have become my truest self and released all doubts and self-consciousness. If you watch closely you will even find me singing and dancing through a park full of people. That is unconditional LOVE.

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