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Being positive, loving and setting a great example for others is of critical importance when living a spiritually driven and purposeful life. And, remaining devoted to this practice is vital especially around children. As children grow they learn almost entirely from their experiences with other people. Parents, family and friends all contribute to the myriad ways children develop; whether they realize it or not. They are taught about socially acceptable behavior, what to expect from other people and what is expected of them, areas and places to assign value. They mimic, imitate and emulate based on their experiences both positive and negative. Kids are more attentive than many people realize. Being the best possible person you can be at all times is important because they see and hear everything; even when you think they are “off” playing princess trapped in the castle tower or up 10,000 ft flying an imaginary fighter jet. On Tuesday I had an opportunity to put these very ideas and positive intentions into practice..

Aubrey and Kaylee:

My brother and I made a trip to Rocklin Tuesday morning to play disc golf at Johnson-Springview Park. We brought my nephew Trey along and Grandma walked with him around the park during our round. After we finished we found Trey playing near the park with two young ladies around his age. We met their nanny and introduced ourselves to the girls. Audrey was 3 and Kaylee had just turned 2. Adorable girls.

Trey loves to take all the discs out of our bags and throw them around; he always does this after we play. He tosses them up in the air, into trees, forward and backwards, all over really. The girls saw this spectacle and joined in the fun. All three of them launched discs around the park.

I sat down close by and played with the girls just like I would with Trey. They took to me immediately and stayed by my side nearly the whole time. We counted, called out the colors of each disc and they made me “chocolate cakes” by filling the discs with dirt and bark then we blew out the imaginary candles. A game of “I see you” was thrown in for good measure - pun very much intended - by putting the clear discs up in front of our faces. It was adorable! Somewhere along the line my empty disc bag turned into one large “chocolate cake”. The girls had filled my bag up to overflowing with bark and dirt. Before it was all over my legs were covered with ground and my shoes filled with bark chips. The nanny wanted to apologize but I told her it was OK, my bag had seen worse days. They were having fun and that’s all that mattered. She thanked me for being such a good sport.

At the end of our playtime their little faces were covered in dirt; good times had by all. What a blessing to be able to play and bond with kids in this way; especially when meeting them for the first time. We heard a young man across the park yell out “ I want to go again!” after he fell off of the play structure. I said jokingly “One more time!” I turned around and Aubrey had her hands up in the air and then she yelled, “ONE MORE TIME!” If there is one thing you can trust it is kids see and hear everything! A positive example goes farther than you can imagine.

If you treat children like you would your own, be patient, understanding, have fun with them and spread LOVE; they will grow up learning to do the same for others.

ALL hearts, one beat. ALL in, both feet.  - Rob

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