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Hero – Noun: an illustrious warrior, one who shows great courage, often of divine descent endowed with superhuman qualities, great strength or ability.

We have all needed a hero at one time or another, someone who was at the right place at the right time and stepped in to save our day. It was the stranger that stopped in the pouring rain to give your car a jump-start when the battery died. It is the random act of kindness received at the worst point of your day and the single mother who works 2 jobs yet never misses a single soccer game. It’s an uncle who dresses up as a Ninja Turtle for his nephew’s 2nd birthday. And, sometimes, it is simply sharing your smile with the barista at Starbucks. My definition of a hero is straightforward; it is anyone who makes another person’s day a little brighter. This past weekend I got to be a hero in the truest sense of the word..

Being a Hero:

Being a hero requires an equal balance of our needs and the needs of others. Often it means stepping outside of our comfort zone. If being a hero were easy its impact would hold little weight and its reach less than an arms length. When we find this balance in our lives we can push past barriers such as self-consciousness, anxiety, and aloofness because of our deep heart need to help others. Everyone can be a hero. Everyone. We are all sent out into the world to be in the right places at the right time and given a choice: take action or retreat. The key to action is vision. Andy Stanley said it best, “Visions are formed in the hearts of those who are dissatisfied with the status quo.” Learn to look at the bigger picture and maintain the vision of the world you want to see and the need to act becomes a driving force in your life. Retreating is no longer an option.

I used to be a very selfish person. I spent my entire life wanting to be a hero but lacked self-confidence, which always forced me into placing my need for comfort over the needs of others. Once I began my journey into spiritual evolution this was the first barrier I learned to overcome. Over the course of several months I was placed in myriad situations that challenged me, little by little, to step outside my comfort zone; which allowed me to see the impact I could have in the lives of others. I discovered my mission was two-fold; both to be a hero and help others become heroes. I found purpose and a vision of what could be. What could be quickly became what should be. Now, I am driven by a deep heart need to act. And, when my sister-in-law Alisha asked me if I would dress up like a Ninja Turtle for my nephew Trey’s 2nd birthday party it was the easiest decision I’ve ever made. I cherished the thought of being his birthday hero.

Trey loves the Ninja Turtles and thus the theme of the party; plates, cups, balloons, piñata, and an uncle. Around 5PM I rolled up on the scene with a stack a pizzas in hand, dressed as a Ninja Turtle. The kids went nuts. We hugged, high fived and took dozens of photos together. They LOVED it! My nephew was so happy it melted my heart. The look he had on his adorable little face was absolutely priceless. We had trouble taking photos with him because he just wanted to look at me. It was so special and will be even more so one day, when we can tell him who was in the suit. What could be became what should be. A vision realized.

Everyone can be a hero. EVERYONE. - Rob

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