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Spiritual evolution involves a process of sequential discovery. In the beginning we learn about God’s vision for the world. Then we find a vision for ourselves in alignment with our Creator’s worldview, our divine path. To continue our evolutionary process we must start walking this path. As we branch out further into our new ways of being we begin to expand our awareness and vision to incorporate our families and communities. We start sharing our amazing experiences and insights with the people around us and find ways to use our gifts and talents to help others. Through this expansion we get a sense of how genuinely connected we all are on this journey.

As I discussed briefly in the article Be A Hero, we are all sent out into the world to be in the right places at the right times and presented with opportunities to take action. When we align ourselves with the universe and our Creator’s vision for the world our paths take us to these divine moments more frequently. We don't just see his vision we become his vision; his helping hands through a chain of events I have termed Providence In Motion..

Some think the phrase everything happens for a reason is cliché, but, when we engage the flow of the universe and in live the practice of God’s vision for the world it becomes a statement that holds more truth and weight than one could possibly imagine. On Tuesday my brother and I would get to share in the experience of Providence in Motion.

Tuesday was our normal disc golf day, which began like any other. My brother arrived to pick me up with Peets Coffee and my nephew Trey in tow. We left about a half hour later than normal because he was held up in some traffic on the freeway.

My game started out amazing but it began to deteriorate rather quickly. I wound up taking about 10 more shots than normal and ended with a bad score, which was odd because I scored a record low round the day before. I always hope to play my best but these days are about family. I may get bad scores but I never lose.

As we got ready to leave I noticed a familiar face practicing in front of our car. It was Jessica Weese. She is a professional disc golfer from Grass Valley and I remembered her from a video my brother had sent me a few months ago. Once we realized who she was we stayed a few minutes longer and watched her practice.

On the way home my brother decided to take a new route back. I told him I do the same all the time, often taking different routes to and from places because I like to make circles rather than straight lines. This would turn out to be an intuitive move on my brother’s part. Moments like that usually are. As we neared home my brother missed the cross street coming into my neighborhood causing us to detour through the parking lot of the corner business complex.

We pulled onto my street and took notice of the house on the corner. The garage door was open and we saw a gentleman laying on the ground behind his car waving at us. Neighbors wave all the time but this felt different. There was attention and urgency in his manner. My brother turned around immediately. The man's name was Lott and as it turned out he had taken a bad fall trying to get into his Jeep. He was elderly and handicapped and could not roll over or get to his feet. Lott was lying there, cut and bleeding, no phone, just waiting for someone to come by and help.

We made several attempts to help him up but he was over 6 feet tall and easily 250+ pounds. He had zero use of his legs and was all dead weight. After a few minutes we flagged down another person to help and the 3 of us got him back up on his feet. Lott thanked us because his son was going to be home soon and apparently his son panicked in these types of situations. We had saved him from that ordeal as well. Before leaving I gave him one of my Life Unified cards with my cell number written on the back. I told him I lived just down the street and to call if he ever needed anything.

Let’s recap: Morning traffic shifts our time. Bad game makes the round go on longer. Seeing professional WPDGA player keeps us at the course a few minutes more. No lunch after the game that day. “Randomly” taking a new route back home. Missing the turn and the parking lot detour. A chain of events which placed us, quite literally, right at Lott’s front door when he needed help. That is Providence In Motion.

When you have days where you forget a turn, take a detour or miss ten shots in a sport you normally play well, remember the vision. God has placed you in a position to nail the one shot that matters most and in his game we never miss!

Light, LOVE and Blessings  -Rob

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