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Today’s society has become lost in the idea that our personal self worth is gauged by how other people view us. We’ve grown accustomed to this belief that the more people like us and agree with our ideas, the more worth we have. Alternatively many think that anyone who dislikes us, treats us poorly, or disagrees with us diminishes our worth. This falsehood has perpetuated cycles of negativity and abuse for hundreds of years.

Awareness is one of the most important things for us to understand as individuals and the collective become more spiritual beings. I once heard this great metaphor: Each person is defined by the fight that rages between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and the only way to win is to deny it battle. Bringing about full awareness of yourself, your truths, your struggles and your feelings helps accomplishes this task..

Many of us continue to battle with our subconscious because of a fear to face how we really feel; to acknowledge what we truly believe. We have a misplaced perception that facing up to ALL our truths will somehow make us lesser as a person when in fact the opposite is true. When we discover the complete truth about ourselves we can finally create the circumstances needed to become more, to be better. This process also helps us heal other aspects of our misplaced ideals. And, the key to seeing it through to completion means finding self-love.

Becoming our best, authentic self, so we can genuinely love others requires the often-difficult and uneven journey inside. Learning unconditional love and self-acceptance begins with honesty. When you are honest with yourself there is no battlefield left for your fears and self-doubts to fight on. Be who you are, feel what you feel. Strive for who you wish to be and do what YOU want with your life. A perfect quote I saw from the father of a friend recently: ”who gives a sh!t what other people think is better.” Amen.

In a previous article I said that I am the absolute ruler over my self worth. This truth is the same for YOU! ALL of you. Self worth comes from the divine connection within and ONLY from within. Know your worth. You are worth it. God made you perfect exactly the way you are. Never let anyone tell you differently.

Light, LOVE and Blessings  -Rob

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