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We have all had days where we planned diligently for a desired outcome and things do not go as we hoped or expected. Goals were set. We visualized the conception and follow-through to completion; meticulously planning every step. Then something strange happens. It all seems to fall apart. And, with all that preparation there was no earthly reason for this to occur. But that’s just it; seems to fall apart for no earthy reason is a perfect way to put it. As we become more spiritual beings our perspective transforms and we begin living as part of a divine, universal vision. Each moment is actualized with an awareness of the bigger picture. Our Creator made the blueprints our job is to execute the divine plan..

I had an experience yesterday, on a smaller scale, that showed me how I have incorporated this vision into my life. My brother and I were playing disc golf and towards the end of the game I threw a terrible shot that landed in the mud. My disc was surrounded by at least 5 feet of water and mud on all sides. I began planning how best to retrieve it whilst keeping my shoes clean. I looked around, saw a few rocks sticking up and found others nearby I could use for additional steps.

I put my plan into action. Lining up a perfect row of rocks across the mud right to my disc. I am so smart I thought to myself. I step onto the first rock then hoped over to the second. That was as far as I got. The second rock rolled out from underneath me and both feet plunged straight into the mud nearly up to my ankles. Interestingly I was not angry or upset but found it very funny.

Back on dry ground I used a towel from my bag and cleaned off as much of the mud as I could. Our game was delayed and I spent several minutes kicking the mud off the tires. I hold the divine vision close to the chest and thought to myself there is a reason you landed in the mud today. It may be revealed, it may not. But, I will always hold on to faith and trust. It did not go according to my plan but it went according to THE plan.

A year ago I would have erupted with anger and frustration as a result of this muddy endeavor. There may or may not have been F-words and I surely would have carried those negative emotions with me for the remainder of the game. Both my shoes and my day.. Ruined. I have evolved beyond that now and I am deeply grateful. Sometimes things fall apart simply to show us how much we have grown; an example of the fantastic progress made personally and spiritualty. I was able to view the situation with humor and a positive outlook. What a liberating feeling. In other cases it can be about timing.

Life is about divine timing. Being in the right place at the right time. And, occasionally it's about avoiding the wrong place at the wrong time. Let’s throw out a hypothetical situation as an example: What if I told you 5 minutes before we finished our game of disc golf someone ran a red light right in front of the course. The extra time it took to clean my shoes insured we were not driving through this light. In most cases this happens without our knowledge. We would have no idea somebody had run a red light because we were not there. Sometimes we are slung into the mud in order to keep us safe, to protect us and the plan and once in a while we get a confirmation. 

I have experienced this before. Years ago I was led away from a McDonalds. I was annoyed because I had run out of dog food and had to pick some up. On my way out something told me to go to PetSmart first. I arrived at McDonalds 30 minutes later and the parking lot was surrounded in caution tape. Someone had been shot. 

When life falls apart, things do not go according to plan or you wind up with mud on the tires just do these three things: Have faith, hold on to the vision and keep a towel close by. ☺

Light, LOVE and blessings

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