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LOVE. KINDNESS. This is an essential way of life for the spiritually inclined. As the journey of spiritual and personal growth moves forward these two important principles are incorporated into all aspects of our lives. Family, friends, co-workers and strangers all become part of the whole of life on this Earth; we approach every person and situation from the heart with LOVE and KINDNESS. However, an often overlooked and integral element of this new perspective is treating our SELF with LOVE and KINDNESS in the same fashion..

Through spiritual evolution we are constantly bringing old wounds to the surface, acknowledging and releasing them. Going forward in a positive way requires we rewind our life, review our past experiences, discover the lesson(s) and accept that everything we went through was a crucial part of what we came into this life to learn. What we sought to help change. As the past is addressed it is easy to allow negativity back in if the SELF is not shown LOVE and KINDNESS.

Earth’s 3 dimensional existence is based on duality. Cause and effect that ripples through existence. Many of us chose this life to break cycles of negativity. For example the cycle of physical abuse can only be broken by someone who has been abused. Dependency, only broken by the dependent. Breaking these cycles means the next generation will not have to go through what you or I went through. It is a sacrifice of LOVE in order to save countless others over an infinite stretch of lifetimes. The deeper the wound is the tougher this can be to see.

This is why LOVE and KINDNESS is so important. It allows us to maintain the broader vision. To see past our hurt, worries and sorrows. It reminds us that we made sacrifices so those who come after us will not have to. Personal growth does not just change a life it changes LIVES and tough chains means your reach goes further once broken.

Life is difficult. It has to be. Forgive yourself. Even the tiniest breath of light can eliminate an entire room of darkness. When times are rough and excruciating treat your SELF with LOVE and KINDNESS. You deserve it.

Light, LOVE and blessings

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