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We have come through another year and today is the day when many of us embark on a new path; enacting a series of pre thought-out changes equated to living a more positive life. The very nature of our existence is examined. Bullet points of shortcomings are made like a grocery list and we commit to betterment in those areas. While the intent behind a new year’s resolution is positive they tend to be short lived. In most cases creating limitations and almost never addressing change in the areas responsible for the quality of our lives: the Heart and the Soul. This year I want you ALL to completely throw out the very idea of resolutions and have a New Year’s Revolution..

Revolution: Noun – A thorough replacement of an established system.

In order to truly manifest positive changes you must do 2 things:
1) Focus on the causes and not the effects
2) Have a genuine desire within the Heart to change

Some of the most common (and broken!) new year’s resolutions are: lose weight, diet and exercise, get out of debt, spend more time with family, volunteer, and drinking less. Over-eating, spending outside your means, selfishness and dependency are all results of deeper problems and why far too many are unable to see these changes through. Nearly all of these issues can be traced back to low self-esteem and lack of self LOVE. Addressing causes and learning to LOVE yourself empowers you with the ability to wipe out ALL the negativity in your life.

To create the existence you want you MUST have a Heart’s desire to bring the good into your life. A limiting factor of the New Year’s resolution is pigeon holing a commitment of change to coincide only with the onset of a New Year. When the Heart has a genuine desire for good and to bring about positive change there is a deep, compelling motivation from within the very core of your being and waiting another second is no longer an option. Every moment is filled with a perpetual yearning to be a better person. Living from the Heart gives you the unshakeable grip needed to hold on to the vision of the life you want and deserve. A life filled with happiness, joy and unconditional LOVE.

Discard the idea of Resolutions and start your Revolution. It begins NOW and every moment of every day is NOW. Address the root causes of your issues and LOVE yourself no matter what! Abandon the thought of what can be done tomorrow to be better the following day and replace with what can I do today to be better than yesterday. Address the causes and hold the vision. Always live from a place of LOVE in your Heart and no obstacle will EVER stand in your way!

Light, LOVE and blessings

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