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NOTE TO SELF: A 2-part guide to deeper SELF-LOVE

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The greatest LOVE affair someone can ever have is with his or her SELF. Complete faith and trust in the divine and the unconditional love and acceptance of YOU and who YOU are. By the Universal Law of Attraction positivity, prosperity and the fulfillment of our heart’s desires can only manifest through LOVE. The blessings that are allowed to enter our lives increase the more we LOVE and we can only LOVE outwardly as much as we LOVE inwardly. Thinking that it is possible to love others more than we love ourselves is false. The idea that it’s OK to do good things for others regardless of our own well-being is an ego trap. The reality is we are actually telling ourselves that we are not worth being LOVED with the same passion as the rest of the world creating a barrier to prosperity..

Part 1 – Describe LOVE

Imagine for a moment you come home and find a beautiful handwritten letter from the love of your life. If you are single simply think about the perfect partner you desire writing to you. What would the letter say? What would you want it to say? Think about the words that would make you feel amazing, loved, fulfilled and appreciated. Allow yourself to feel good. Imagine now this love of your life is YOU and write this beautiful letter to yourself. Below is an example letter I wrote:


I was just thinking about you and what a blessing it is that we found each other. Everytime I look into your eyes I see beauty that only deepens with each glance. You are caring, compassionate and kind; a bright light in a sea of darkness. Being your genuine, authentic self is an inspiration and the whole world deserves to see what I see. I love you more than words can possibly express.
With ALL my heart,

Part 2 – Practice LOVE

Next I would like you to imagine your perfect idea for date a night. What would this beautiful evening consist of and what would make you feel amazing, loved, fulfilled and appreciated? Is it dinner and wine at your favorite restaurant? Maybe it’s a bouquet flowers with a box of chocolates and a trip to the movie theater? In my case I would hike through the forest to the top of a gorgeous waterfall and have a picnic as the sunsets. Afterwards we’d layout under the stars. Think about whatever makes you happy and treat yourself to that beautiful evening! You deserve it. Get dressed up, buy yourself flowers & chocolates. Wine and dine. Take yourself to the theaters or for a hike to your favorite places. Repeat this practice every few weeks or anytime you need to feel LOVED. You will thank YOU for it.

The greatest gift you can give to the world is loving your SELF unconditionally. Through this journey you will discover your gifts and how to use them to make the world a better place. You will accept yourself as you are for who you are. God made you this way and it is divine and beautiful. The LOVE and positivity will spread outward in all directions starting with those closest to you. Your example will inspire friends and family. LOVE is the greatest domino effect of ALL. Time to get in the game!

Light, LOVE and blessings


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