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Releasing expectations. A perfect topic as many celebrate Valentine’s day. On our journey of personal and spiritual growth it is essential to release expectations in two important areas. First are our expectations of others. Second is our need either consciously or subconsciously to meet other’s expectations. In today’s culture expectations have become too deeply rooted in our feelings of self worth and esteem. That looking outwardly rather than inwardly fulfills these needs. This perpetuates cycles of negativity passed down through the generations..

Expectation -a belief that someone should achieve something – assumption, presumption

Many of us set expectations for others based on who WE are as individuals. Our character, personal situations, experiences and ideas all contribute to what we expect from others. For example: I accomplished “X” in “Y” amount of time; you should as well. I’d never say that or I’d never do that to someone are also very common. Unfortunately this teaches us that how we compare to others dictates our worth and level of progress. You are the only YOU. Allow others to be who THEY are. Everyone is here to learn, grow and walk their own path at their own pace. If we set terms for the behavior and growth of others or set terms for ourselves based on what we think others expect from us we allow disappointment, resentment and negativity to build our lives.

Looking externally for fulfillment also creates the need to meet other’s expectations rather than our own. Shifting our sight away from the individual and what our goal should really be: personal progress. Striving to be a better person today than yesterday regardless of how minute that progress might be. And sometimes the real progress isn’t a better score, sharper throw or remembering more information but discovering, bit by bit, who you truly are and what genuinely matters. Always be who YOU are. Never try to be who someone else thinks you should be.

The key to breaking this cycle - as I have learned - is true for everything we encounter on this journey of spiritual evolution. We must first make the change we desire as individuals through self LOVE and acceptance. The journey is inward deeper and deeper as we take steps forward. The people around us (especially children) learn by the examples we set for them. How we act and react. They do not learn by being told how or who they should be. They learn by being shown who WE are. The old adage of “Do as I say, not as I do” needs to be thrown as far out the window as possible and replaced with “watch me carefully for I am guiding example of what you CAN be if you choose. I support you unconditionally, whoever you choose to become."

Accept others for who they are. Accept yourself. Replace should with could. You make the goals the goals do NOT make you. Reinforce the idea of personal progress. Only seek fulfillment of your needs internally. Be the change. LOVE. Freeing ourselves from expectations opens up a whole new beautiful world filled with positivity. A life we ALL deserve.

Light, LOVE and blessings

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