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The Universal Law of Attraction is a fairly simple concept. What you send out into the Universe creates the world that surrounds you. If you think and act positively, positive experiences will ripple through your life. Be kind and you will see kindness. LOVE outwardly without condition and you will attract others into your life that LOVE with this same conviction. Although the Law may be simple to understand taking conscious action and making the effort to express these ideals outwardly can be challenging. How does one find ways to be positive, kind, loving and act on it? I’d like to share one idea with you..

I recently started a Random Acts of Kindness practice. I was thinking about what I could do for others even on a small scale when spirit presented me with an idea. Get some blank note cards and handwrite messages inside. Messages of LOVE, support, hope. Inspiration. I would keep these cards with me and when I felt compelled by intuition I would leave one for someone. On a car window, on the doorstep, on the bench at a bus stop. What ever feels right. I created about 30 cards this first round and have begun sending them out into the world.

A little LOVE and kindness CAN make a difference and alter the course of someone’s day for the better. For others it can change their life. I have heard stories of people who were contemplating suicide and even on their way to carry it out when the kindness of a stranger changed their minds.

It is not about scale or quantity but the intentions behind your actions. Spread LOVE and kindness everyday, any way you can. Feel free to use this idea or create one on your own. Small rocks make huge ripples. Tiny actions can make all the difference. You don’t always have to feel like you need to save the world. Save the moment for somebody and the world will follow. And one day when it is needed the most.. someone will be there for you.

Light, LOVE and Blessings

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